tina m adams-sims
Sr UX / UI Designer
Strategist . Lead
B2B . Analytics . AI . ML . BA . BI . Internal tooling . SaaS
Full-Stack Designer
  •  Graphic / UX / UI / Research
Lifelong Student

Enterprise, AI, and analytics are my passion.

I love what I do, it's not just a job for me.




PayPal's new internal global Product & Marketing message & campaign creation platform.

additional expertise areas


I have been a professional UX / UI Mentor since Q2 2018. (~100 past & present Mentees to date)


Career Foundry is an online self-paced curriculum of courses.

  • Course length: 3-8 months


A pro-bono mentoring site to "inspire powerful conversations and collaborations among designers worldwide.

  • 30-60 minute calls


Helping women start and grow successful businesses.

  • Engagement length: 12 months


Each Mentor has autonomy over how they teach, structure, define output requirements of their UX course.

  • Course length: 8 weeks

AI . ML . BA . BI

IBM Watson

Sr UX / UI Designer

I worked on several Watson projects, incorporating; AI, ML, BI, and BA, with a special focus on predictive analytics and risk mitigation.

Stealth Startup - Self-driving vehicle 

Project Manager, UX / UI Designer

I freelanced for 6 months for a stealth startup developing a self-driving vehicle incorporating AI model training (hardware & software). My initial role was UX / UI Designer, but, because of need, I was also their Project Manager.


  • UX / UI Designer

    • Front-end interface (driver-side)

    • Initial object detection interface

  • Project Manager

    • Schedule and facilitate cross-team meetings (Automotive mechanical experts, AI Developers, Designers, Engineers)

    • Run individual team and cross-team meetings

    • Manage project and sprint schedule

    • Create Product Requirements Documentation (PRD) and Low-Level Design Documents (LLD) for MVP

business process re-engineering

I was trained in BPR while in one of my Art Director roles early in my career. Understanding more of a scientific method of observation and documenting the current ecosystem. Understanding 'why', in order to get a complete picture of the as-is environment before you start to make foundational changes.

  • fostering creativity

  • conflict management

  • communication

  • identifying personality types

leadership & teaming

Early in my IBM career, my Manager submitted my name as a contender for Leadership Excellence, a year-long program to foster upcoming IBM Leaders. I have used these principles daily for the past 20 years, in order to foster my teams and enable us to work well together to produce our best work possible.

We met 1 day/week for 12 months and explored a diverse range of areas, including:

  • team building

  • problem-solving as a team

  • time management

  • presenting

internet of things

Within IBM, I have been a member of different IoT brainstorming teams and events. I have worked with Smarter Cities and Smarter Planet teams to help understand the IOT model and help users surface analytics in time and on-demand as well as implementing predictive analytics for utilities and city systems as it relates to future failure/replacement/maintenance, and monitoring. I am unable to surface most of my brainstorming outputs at this time as they are IP of IBM.

design thinking . agile . lean

I received my Design Thinking education while I was with IBM. IBM further adapted DT into a set of methodologies to create cohesive teams with user-centric outcomes.

I also was introduced to Agile/Lean engineering processes (previously being in a waterfall environment) and learned how to integrate DT and Agile into one comprehensive set of methodologies for both collaboration and asset creation and delivery.  (Design thinking deck)

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