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a little about me. . .

25-year data geek.

An acknowledged UX / UI professional with over 34 years in design (10 in visual design, 24 in enterprise & analytics software) with a focus in; analytics, big data, ML, BA, BI, and AI. I partner directly with Engineering (front and back-end, QA/Test), and other Stakeholder Team members, on a daily basis.

Complexity simplification is my forte, I love swimming in complex structured and unstructured data pools and finding simple paths for users to parse out what they need when they need it.
I am a professional UX / UI Mentor for 4 companies in my spare time. I am a lifelong Mentor as well as a Mentee. Teaching people to think differently, and how to approach and solve problems, together, is incredibly fulfilling, and constantly learning to improve both myself and my craft is essential to me. Being a Mentor is an honor and very humbling for me.
Before my 24 years in enterprise software, I had a 10 year career in visual and graphic design, working as a:
I speak 'Engineer'.
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in my spare time


WARFRAME is an amazing game that is invigorating, gorgeous, and responsive at the same time. The story archs are cohesive and intricate. I love this game :-)

Chapman Stick

The Chapman Stick is a tapping instrument combining nuances of: piano, guitar, bass, piano, and percussion. This is incredibly hard to master, but I try.

DIY Home Renovation

We have been remodeling our home for a number of years. learning how to do different skills like tiling, molding, flooring, has been really interesting and satisfying.

den flooring.jpg


10 days in the Spring, we join our 1860 camp and live in period-correct times. I get to represent my Cherokee heritage with amazing people.

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