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PayPal Bravo Award 2020

  • Assisting in feature implementation for decoupling data strings for ease of data management and definition

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Google Superhero 2018

  • Design of a key FinTech product for Google and the Bets

Manager's Choice 2016

  • Significant Visual Design Lead contributions to software products.

Manager's Choice 2015

  • Significant Visual Design Lead contributions to software products.

Everyday Hero 2012

  • Leading division acquisitions through their Transfer of Business release requirements, IBM Branding / look & feel, and IP Legal standards along with processes, Bluewash, and v-next visual strategy planning.

Bravo  2007

  • Significant contribution in packaging usability with 80% increase in usability.

General Manager's Award for Simplicity 2007

  • Co-Led a cross-functional world-wide team making a significant contribution in packaging redesign addressing internal cost savings, with 80% increase in usability, saving $5,000,000 over 3-5 years in manufacturing costs.

Leadership Excellence 2001

  • Manager-nominated 12 month series to foster exceptional employees that demonstrate high leadership qualities.

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