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Heuristic Evaluating User Interface Usability for Task Completion



According to one embodiment of the present invention, a system for tracking and presenting states of a user interface includes at least one processor.  

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Data Filtering Using Filter Icons



Techniques are described for filtering a list of data objects based on a user selection of one or more filter icons.

  • Co-inventor: Steven Tamekuni

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Free-Form User-Defined Single-Handed Touchscreen Keyboard


A user thumb-operated touchscreen keyboard design interface is provided by a processor on a touchscreen display of a handheld device that allows a user . . .


Event Visualization and Control



A computer-implemented method for event visualization and control performed by a software component executing on a processor, comprises: receiving as input one or more events currently executing on a. . .




According to one embodiment of the present invention, a system comprises: one or more configurable electrical outlet interfaces, wherein each given configurable electrical outlet interface comprises a switch configured in . . .



Method for Tracing & Analyzing Objects In Walls



Disclosed are a method and process for generating a live visualization of all manner of wiring, pipes, ducts, and studs contained within walls that are closed and/or inaccessible and providing an analysis for failure/issue remediation. The associated application is installed on a mobile device.

  • Co-inventorsUwe Zimmermann & Rita Claar

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Rita Claar.jpg
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Method for Representing / Editing / Restructuring Data Strings Visually


The core idea of this method is to allow the user to immediately, visually, understand the collection of components they had previously defined, in a visual string instead of a textual string, and the ability to edit and restructure inline (keeping the user resident), and on the fly.

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Method for Breakpoint Debugging /Validation to User-Exposed Sequential Visual Initialization Strings in a GUI



Disclosed is a simple method for users to run, test, and validate all or part of a sequential initialization visual action string as they create it, in order to address possible logic flaws and to live-tweak the data and quickly re-init without needing further assistance from a system administrator or reading pages of logs.

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Interactive Bio-Feedback Sports Utility


This proposal is multi-part, combining a number of technologies. This is basically a personal biofeedback suit with aggregating software for both hand-held devices and personal computer sync with asynchronous linking to the user's vetted, healthcare specialists. The inference engine is a complicated set of algorithms and a back-end database storing all biofeedback and comparing it against user capabilities, benchmark goals, and ultimate health goals.

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Method for Hanging / Spacing By The Use Of Adjustable Sliders


Disclosed are a device and method that allow a user to easily hang an item on a wall with accurate spacing between it and existing pieces. The novel contribution of this invention is a method that allows accountability of the distance from the hanger to the end of the item, and then allows the addition of the empty space in the tool calculation in order to maintain an exact spacing schema.


Overt & Oblique Data Relationship GUI


The present invention shows a visual base solution on the issues of detecting data relationships by visually representing data and their interconnected relationships, either overt or oblique, that would be difficult to do in any standard tabled data model to date.

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Sequential / Non-Sequential List Items


Disclosed is a method to determine whether or not a set of list items is sequential through the use of a visual queue.

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Method for Representing List Iconography


This proposal represents a method for reducing the icon redundancy in list items while still maintaining item visual identification. (link unavailable)

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