tina m adams-sims

hybrid : ux | visual | research

mentor . designer . creator

speaking engagements

Women in Tech World Series

Women of Silicon Valley

May 4-5 2020

Santa Clara Convention Center

The West Coast’s biggest celebration of the successes and innovations being engineered by women from across the tech sector. 


  • 2700+ Attendees

  • 100+ Speakers


about me

I love what i do.

It's not just a job for me.

I love to inspire my team to meet challenges with creative and innovative solutions. I have had opportunities to work with extremely gifted and inspiring individuals in the span of my career, and have made lifelong connections with them. They have made me a better person and professional, you know who you are...

I have had the honor of mentoring >60 students in the past 2 years, to learn and grow in UX / UI practices, and to unleash their analytical and creative minds, teaching them to think differently about solutions, and about life.

I love to laugh, more importantly, to make my team laugh (funny "haha" or funny "what the..."). If you don't have fun in what you do, why do it at all?


Everything interests me. My Father gave me the gift of perpetual wonder, and i am grateful for it every day.
I believe in the power of working together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.


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