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resume : industry


Software Engineer: User Experience Team, Interaction / GUI / UX Acquisition Lead

IBM : 4/2003 – Present

notable contributions

  • $5,000,000 savings: Co-Led the initial push to standardize and redesign the software packaging across all IBM products resulting in a 5+ million dollar savings over the next 3 years while satisfying user requirements and delivery & fulfillment requirements.

  • 700% time to task reduction: Co-Led the installation initiative to decrease Out-of-Box-Experience starting time by 700%. Responsibilities include; usability, prototyping, interaction design, gui design, brand compliance, and bluewash as it applies to; team user testing, image IP compliance, install, configuration, and overall look and feel of >15 enterprise-level product portfolios.

enterprise software development

  • Work extensively with cross-functional and cross-geo teams to develop elegant user interfaces & solve user issues and pain points by employing user testing, personas and use cases as well as working with Support and QA to get a holistic, heuristic picture of past/recent issues, to create successful testing sessions and aggregate the derived data that feeds into the product plan for commitment to develop.

expanded responsibilities

  • UX Acquisition Design Lead for incoming acquisitions and continued support focal point for all initial cross-team (Dev, Writers, Designers, Product Management, Test, Support, QA, etc.) questions and processes as it relates to software development, GUI, IP, and software development.

  • Manage the workload/scheduling for a Design team for all visual design components from packaging to GUI for >15 portfolios of offerings as well as maintain adherence to all corporate guidelines. Run user test sessions on prototypes from my team and aggregate the data to roll up visual and functional recommendations and requirements to Development and strategy teams.

  • Creation and maintenance of a supporting acquisition WIKI containing explanations, descriptions, links, and processes for acquisition's assimilation into IBM.

  • DBA for an image/metrics repository for requesting and delivering usability and design artifacts.\

Graphic Designer

IBM 4/1997 – 4/2003

Part of a Design Team that supported the Lotus software product line. Responsibilities included print/marketing collateral, GUI, multimedia, project management, and prototype.

GUI Consultant

Twistermedia : 4/2001 – 4/2003


Board Member

Billy DeFrank Center : 3/2005 – 8/2005


Design Consultant

Genzyme Diagnostics : 3/1993 – 3/2005


Editorial Design Consultant

Jones & Bartlett Publishing : 2/2001 – 1/2003

Sr. Designer/Electronic Tech Art Consultant

Prentice Hall Publishing : 1/1996 – 4/1997

Visual Designer/Electronic Tech Art Consultant

Houghton-Mifflin Publishing : 11/1994 – 1/1996

Hired as a Visual Design Lead for specific grade-level book prototyping. Drafted a proposal to keep the technical illustration in-house to use the available Designer resources to illustrate the books. Became the in-house Project Manager for illustration management and scheduling of available Design resources. Notable accomplishments: Saved Houghton-Mifflin $90,000 (300 illustrations, avg of $300 ea market price) by proposing, organizing, and managing in-house talent for illustration creation.

Systems/PrePress/Design Consultant

WearGuard : 1/1993 – 6/1993

Designer/Systems Manager

American Kennel Club : 3/1989 – 11/1990


Design Consultant

Blackstone National Golf : 11/1993 – 1/1996


Production Consultant

Putnam Investments : 3/1994 – 6/1994

Design/Production Consultant

Fidelity Investments : 8/1994 – 10/1994

Sr. Chartist

The Conference Board ' 8/1988 – 3/1989



ZexMedia : 9/1983 – 3/1997

Freelance Design Consortium producing the following deliverables: Print/Marketing, Corporate ID, Web, Graphic User Interface (GUI), MultiMedia, Illustration, Fine Art, Music.

Creative Director

PagrWorks Corp : 3/1992 – 1/1994

Creative Director

WordTech Corp : 6/1991 – 10/1992

Jr. Designer

Rowntree Advertising : 7/1987 – 11/1987

Editorial design & GUI ConsultantCreative Office Interiors : 3/1997 – 6/1997


Jr Designer

WTZA, Chanel 62 (NBC affiliate) : 12/1986 – 7/1987

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