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Uwe Zimmermann.jpg

Uwe Zimmermann

UX Design Manager/Director & Design Thought Leader  |  Uwe managed Tina at IBM

Tina truly is not only a very passionate designer designing for ultimate client experience, but she also has such a wonderful personality you never want to miss when working with her. She has been praised for countless years for her break-through designs and uncluttering existing designs that led to reduction of complexity and consistency in the UI, and she has been my UX Lead on all acquisition design work ensuring a smooth transition of products from acquired companies into the IBM portfolio of products and solutions.


Tina demonstrated multiple Design principles, such as Visual Design, UX Design, Design Research, and Design Development and established herself as THE go-to person for jazzing up and cleaning up even the most complex Powerpoint presentations that sales teams use for customer sales opportunities and critical situations. Tina is a wonderful team player and an employee every manager wants to have in their team as she consistently goes above and beyond job responsibilities and always finds ways to grow scope and impact. In short: Tina is a rock star you just want to have on your team to drive the ultimate client experience.

Nilanjana Bannerjee.jpg

Nilanjana Bannerjee

Release Manager, IBM Watson at IBM  |  Nilanjana worked with Tina at IBM

I have had the pleasure of working with Tina on couple of projects and she has always come across as someone I could depend entirely for visual design delivered with quality and before time. Her experience and understanding of colors have made the graphics very appealing in the documentation! She is an asset to a team and I have loved working with her!

Tricia Garrett.jpg

Tricia Garrett

Design Principal, IBM Watson Health  |  Tricia managed Tina indirectly at IBM

Tina is one of those rare, delightful people about whom you wonder: Where does she find her boundless enthusiasm? Fortunately, it's contagious. Tina's results include happy clients, engaged teams, and astounding productivity.Tina will rally the team to discuss a problem in the morning; by the afternoon, she'll have some beautiful mockups and a well-thought interaction design for further discussion. Talented, pragmatic, and a good person with a great personality -- Tina's a valuable addition to any team.

Rita Claar.jpg

Rita Claar

Senior Interaction Designer, IBM Enterprise  |  Rita worked directly with Tina at IBM

I have worked with Tina on various projects throughout my time at IBM. I have found her to be incredibly adept at sizing up a situation and being able to put her finger on exactly what needs to be done. I appreciate her can-do attitude and I love the fact that she has a wealth of knowledge at her fingertips. Working with Tina means that you get the job done quickly, you get the job done well, and you most likely had fun doing it. I would highly recommend Tina for any position she set her mind to achieving, because I know that she takes all aspects of her job seriously without taking herself seriously.

Larry England.jpg

Larry England

Distinguished Engineer at IBM  |  Larry worked with Tina at IBM

Coming right to the point - I would work with, hire, recommend, endorse and support Tina in any User experience endeavor. I would characterize her as follows -- Exceptional work output, on-time delivery, great innovative ideas, extremely easy to work with.

Peter Wansch.jpg

Peter Wansch

VP of Engineering, Cross-Cloud Platform at Salesforce  |  Peter worked with Tina at IBM

I was working on our Web tooling architecture and needed to communicate all aspects of that to architecture boards and partners. Tina listened for 2 hours and and created a single, powerful image that I have used over and over againand it has done the job. Tina can easily connect with multi-disciplinary teams and deliver outstanding results, which is a very, very rare talent.

Guy Johnson.jpg

Guy Johnson

IBM Cloud & Cognitive Technical Leader  |  Guy worked with Tina at IBM

Tina's a genuine artist in addition to having the savvy to apply technology to develop systems to improve the efficiency of work for herself and her team.

Bill Ung.jpg

Bill Ung

Senior Software Engineer, Counter Fraud Management  |  Bill worked with Tina at IBM

In my time of working with Tina on IBM Counter Fraud Management, she has always been top notch. She's very knowledgeable and helpful, and retains full ownership & responsibility of items within her department. She is a strong team player.

Julia Bamford.jpg

Julia Bamford

Content Designer at IBM  |  Julia worked with Tina at IBM

Tina is generous with her time. More than once, when another designer left me hanging, Tina stepped in to save the day. She made time to help me with graphics that I needed in short order, even though my product wasn't her responsibility. She's someone you can count on in a pinch.

Yojin Leem.jpg

Yojin Leem

Visual designer and UX designer  |  Jin worked directly with Tina at IBM

It is an honor to write a recommendation for Tina Adams. I have worked with many talented designers at both Kodak and IBM and Tina is surely A-league.I have known Tina for four years and have been working in the same department for a year, and I have seen her skills as a colleague and friend. As a designer, she excels in both aesthetic and technical aspects. Her design is very professional and delicate. I recall that one of the designers defined her design as "a joy and delight."Moreover, Tina is a great person with whom you can work and learn. She is a very reliable and modest team player, and her easy going personality makes it easy to approach her for help and advice.She is a superb designer with many talents and a great person.

Daiv Barrios.jpg

Daiv Barrios

Visual and Interaction Designer at IBM Cognos  |  Daiv worked with Tina at IBM

During the years I've known and worked with Tina, I can only describe her as professional, driven and a team player. Her craftsmanship and design style can only be described as elegant. Her presence is always a joy, and without even asking, she'll offer support and help. She is a highly dependable and professional colleague.


Darik Siegfried

Software Engineer at IBM Corporation  |  Darik worked with Tina at IBM

Tina is a pleasure to work with. She is very energetic and conscientious. I look forward to working with Tina on future projects.

John Ruggieri.jpg

John Ruggieri

Visual Artist / Photographer / Social Media + Graphic Designer  |  John worked directly with Tina at IBM

I had the great pleasure of working with Tina at IBM Software. She has an amazing talent for creating winning usability design customized for all global clients. She has a sophisticated and pragmatic approach to designing for the Web, working wonders within whatever functionality and brand requirements are given. We were always able to deliver great work, both technically and creatively, due to her interactive expertise. She maintained excellent relationships with clients and was entrepreneurial and pro-active with keeping them updated and extremely satisfied at every turn. I highly recommend Tina for any high-level design and technology project.

Nathan Felt.jpg

Nathan Felt

Interaction Designer at Wells Fargo  |  Nathan worked with Tina at IBM

Tina does a great job going above and beyond her normal workload. She is involved in many aspects of the design process, and her creative skills are inspiring. Both helpful and supportive, I'm glad to have been on her team.

Steve Tamekuni.jpg

Steve Tamekuni

​Senior Product Designer at Malwarebytes  |  Steve worked with Tina at IBM

It's both a pleasure and a learning experience working with Tina. The UI designs that she creates are an excellent balance of function and sleekness. The best part about working with Tina is she approaches every work assignment with a positive, ambitious attitude. To say that she is timely in finishing her work is an understatement. Working with Tina definitely brings a sense of comfort because you're working with a very dedicated individual who will produce the most optimal results possible.

Colleen Enright.jpg

Colleen Enright

Documentation Project Manager  |  Colleen worked directly with Tina at IBM

I love working with Tina. She takes great pride in her work and always figures out the best way to present information to the customer. Even with complex information and no time, she gets the work done in a consistent and focused manner. Tina brings a confident energy to the team.

Clark Gussin.jpg

Clark Gussin

UI Designer  |  Clark worked with Tina at IBM

Tina has been my Team Lead for a number of years in IBM in 2 different product portfolios.She does an excellent job of providing a sane environment in which to design. She provides clear and concise information that I need to produce my product deliverables, and negotiates with the cross functional teams when inevitable scope creep extends beyond my ability to produce quality agreed-upon product. Tina is always calm and collected in times of crisis and paradigm shift and enables me to fully understand development/marketing shifts.


She is extremely supportive and displays excellent leadership skills as well as team support. She never micromanages, allowing her team members the to perform our job responsibilities uninhibited while always supporting us in making our professional suggestions and decisions which empowers us to go above and beyond in our position. Tina is always ready to step in at a moment's notice to help clarify or mediate a situation and always gains agreement at the end of an issue and ends with an action plan that satisfies all parties involved given the resources at hand.


Tina always checks to make sure to load-level the workload across the team so none of us feel overwhelmed, and frequently takes the deliverable overflow herself. She is a great, intuitive designer, and an even better Team Lead. She approaches her job with enthusiasm, professionalism, calm, understanding, leadership, and a good dose of humor.Tina is an asset to any employer and we'd like to keep her here at IBM!

Crystal Glasgow.jpg

Crystal Glasgow-Thomas

Sr UX Designer at Apple  |  Crystal worked directly with Tina at IBM

Tina provides cool and collected leadership, as a team lead for a diverse product set on the Enterprise Content Management UX team. She always has an answer and provides a solid foundation of support when needed. Tina can handle any situation with calm ease, no matter how stressful or extraordinary. I absolutely recommend Tina as a friend, colleague, manager, or mentor.

Rachel Baumann.jpg

Rachel Baumann

Technical Writer at IBM  |  Rachel worked directly with Tina at IBM

Tina's ideas for artwork in printed and online contexts are amazingly enlightening and very thoughtful. The quality and visual accurracy continue to impress me. Working with Tina is always very pleasant. She works with your ideas and introduces her own to produce a work of quality.

Rob Lee.jpg

Rob Lee

Sr. Manager, User Experience at Infoblox  |  Rob worked with Tina at IBM

Tina creates designs that often humble me. She is the type of designer who produces consistent work while maintaining an environment that is easy to work in.

Gary Minnaert.jpg

Gary Minnaert

User Experience Designer at UPMC Health Plan  |  Gary worked with Tina at IBM

I highly recommend Tina. We have worked together for over 2 years. She maintains very high standards for her visual design work. She is highly responsive and delivers work on time and of excellent quality.Tina's the best!

Bruce Brothers.jpg

Bruce Brothers

Technology, Strategy, Consumer Insights, Marketing  |  Bruce worked directly with Tina at IBM

T's genius is perhaps most easily revealed by simply reviewing her impressive CV. Not so readily revealed is the exceptional emotional intelligence and artistic depth she possesses. T melds both an empathy for the subject matter with a drive and determination to deliver her very best contribution, whether for a business conundrum or a friend's personal plight, resulting invariably in outstanding work. I have worked in collaborative environments with T in which I observed her listening with great intensity, contributing with only the most insightful and helpful observations and suggestions and then seemingly effortlessly (though middle-of-the night email reveal a 'round-the-clock devotion) delivering timely results that consistently are beyond expectation. In addition to her many gifts, Tina exhibits the core competencies of being courteous, cooperative, considerate, respectful, reliable and very responsible. In other words, whether a client or a colleague, T is one of those who you can only hope becomes a member of your team.

Amanda Cavanaugh.jpg

Amanda Cavanaugh

UX Researcher at Workday  |  Amanda worked directly with Tina at IBM

I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Tina on IBM Counter Fraud Management. From the start Tina proved an invaluable mentor to me, sharing her knowledge on IBM Design Language best practice, visual and UX design tools, accessibility, and visual design techniques. She is an excellent teacher! I appreciated Tina’s patience and guidance, and her ability to work swiftly, collaboratively and creatively. Tina was an advocate for our design team, who aptly articulated our vision for the product to colleagues and stakeholders. She worked tirelessly to refine this vision and communicate with colleagues to align the team and maintain focus on a user centered outcome. Tina is an exceptionally talented visual and UX design, whose flexibility and creative thinking makes her a valuable asset to her team.

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