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Anastasia Nekrascova.jpeg

Anastasia Nekrascova

Product Designer  |  Career Foundry Mentee

Tina is clearly interested in helping me grow as a professional. Tina was my mentor for the last six months. When I asked her to give me feedback on the portfolio, she asked me if I’d like to have recurring meetings on her own time not only to discuss the portfolio but also on how to improve the design skills and discuss career goals. Because of that, I was able to get more insights about the industry and develop strong design skills. Whenever I have questions or concerns,


Tina responds right away. Her patience and willingness to help have motivated me to work hard to grow as a UX designer.


Megan Ward

UX / UI Designer  |  Career Foundry Mentee

I truly feel like one of the "lucky ones" having had Tina assigned to me as a mentor of CareerFoundry's UX Design program. It was clear to me from our first conversation that Tina is an expert in this field. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to build a friendship bond with her as well during our weekly Skype calls; all the while staying on task and receiving her feedback on my work.


I felt Tina's approach to mentorship was very thoughtful. She truly sought to understand my design perspective before critiquing and also challenged me to think about various elements of design along the way. Her enthusiasm and encouragement fostered an environment for me to venture outside of my comfort zones. 12/10 would recommend to an employer or friend :)


Nazanin Yousefi

UI Designer  |  Career Foundry Mentee

Tina was my mentor at CareerFoundry. She is absolutely one of the most supportive people I know. during my time at CareerFoundry, she was always available to answer my questions and helped with my projects. even after I finished my course, she has continued helping me with my professional development, supporting me with my job search and interview process.


I can say with confidence that Tina doesn't just work because it is her job, but also because she loves what she is doing and cares about her mentees' growth, development, and success. she is a positive, reliable person and I have learned immensely since I began working with her.


Hilary M Barr

UX Designer  |  Career Foundry Mentee

To say Tina "was" my mentor during the CareerFoundry program would not tell the complete story. Tina continues to be my mentor post CareerFoundry and has made it clear that she will continue to be there for me! She provides invaluable insights from the nitty-gritty details of my design work all the way to general advice regarding my career.


It is clear that Tina truly cares about her mentees: she even created a platform in which other graduates of CareerFoundry can network and mingle/share advice. And on top of all that, she is so much fun to work with! I consider myself extremely lucky to have been paired with Tina through CareerFoundry.


Joanna Siu

UX Designer  |  Career Foundry Mentee

Tina was my mentor on Careerfoundry, and she was exceptional with how she responded, handled, and guided me throughout the course. Whenever I was stumped, needed assistance, or wanted to learn more, Tina was open to schedule a call when it was convenient for both of us, and move things around to accommodate my needs. It is evident that she breathes passion in UX design, willing to go out of her way to help me step by step throughout any process from job hunting, to writing, to advice and more.


When Tina gives feedback on my assignments, she is honest, detailed, and meticulous, allowing me to understand information in a short time. It is obvious why Tina has become one of the top designers in the industry, and I am so grateful to have had Tina as a mentor. She would be an amazing mentor and addition to any team!


Andy Moreno Vera

UI Designer  |  Career Foundry Mentee

During my certifícate program with Career Foundry, I had the pleasure of being mentored by Tina. She is one of the rare teachers that inspires you and continuously pushes you to be the best professional version of yourself. No matter what the problem, she would respond within the day, make sure that I felt comfortable with the material, and made the process of the certification fun and engaging. I think without someone like her,


I would not have learned as much or have been as interested in UI Design as I am now. She cultivates a lifelong learning and professional relationship with her mentees that I am forever grateful for.


Tanya Oxley

UX / UI Designer  |  Career Foundry Mentee

Tina was my UX mentor at CareerFoundry, and she has played an invaluable part in shaping my growth as a designer. From the start, Tina provided encouragement when I needed it most, gave thoughtful and constructive feedback on course work, and readily shared her industry knowledge and expertise with me - every meeting with Tina left me feeling motivated and excited to implement the advice that she gave.

Outside of CareerFoundry, she continues to go above and beyond for her students - she has created additional platforms and facilitated meet-ups for her mentees to connect and learn from each other, and is always so giving of her time. I’m so grateful to Tina for her kind support and guidance - she is an outstanding mentor!


Vangie Stice - Israel

UX Designer  |  Career Foundry Mentee

Tina was my mentor at CareerFoundry. She was a lifeline throughout my course. Whenever I was stumped, confused, frustrated, discouraged, Tina helped me sort through the difficulties.


When I had a win, Tina celebrated with me. She was immensely encouraging while also providing honest, constructive, and thorough feedback. Relying on others is hard for me, but Tina was a rock I leaned on.


Jeremy Adversalo

UX Designer  |  Career Foundry Mentee

Tina has been such an awesome mentor and resource for me as I transitioned into UX. She always offered excellent feedback, and went above and beyond to make sure I fully understood UX concepts and design thinking (she would send me card decks and diagrams explaining different aspects of design, which were really helpful). Not only is she an expert in UX Design, she truly cares about people, and it shows when she created a website for mentees, as well as formed an online group for us to network with each other.


I couldn't have asked for a better mentor, and even though I completed CareerFoundry's Design Course, she is still wanting to keep in touch, is generous with her time, and continues to offer her expertise and insights, which are immensely valuable.


Tiffany Perdue

UI / UX Analyst  |  Career Foundry Mentee

I would highly recommend Tina! She was my tutor at Career Foundry but she went above and beyond. I was switching careers into UX/UI and she bolstered my confidence in every call. After I graduated, Tina continued to stay in contact with me and provide resources.


When I got a major job interview, she scheduled a prep call with me the same day she found out about it and helped me ace the interview. I ended up getting the job! Her knowledge of the industry is invaluable and she always has a great perspective on how to view user problems.


Eva Chan

UI / UX Designer  |  IDF Bootcamp Mentee

It is an absolute pleasure to have Tina as my mentor during my program with IDF. Tina is an expert in the UX/UI field who offers excellent resources, feedback and guidance for her mentees to grow and improve. Whenever we chat, Tina is always enthusiastic about the topic and this shows how much she loves what she is doing. She has enormously helped me transition into UX and battling imposter syndrome. Even after the program has ended,


Tina went above and beyond and has continued to assist me with my professional development as well as supporting me through job search preparations and interviews. I feel grateful for Tina’s help and guidance through this journey!


Shasta McBride

UX Designer  |  IDF Bootcamp Mentee

Tina has been an excellent mentor for my UX training at IDF and I am so grateful I got her as my mentor. I have learned so much more with her thorough help and access to her website she made just for her students to connect up with her education and with each other.


I feel like I hit the jackpot with her because she cares so much about us and our success. She went above and beyond and has even continued to help me prepare my work since the program formally ended, making herself available every week until I am done with my portfolio and ready to apply for jobs. I am so grateful to her! She has been a steady rock in this time of covid and now fires. Thank you, Tina!


Madi Leang

UX Designer / Mixed-method Researcher  |  Career Foundry Mentee

Tina was and still continues to be a guiding light post to those who are looking to get into User Experience. Being a career transitioner with a non-traditional design background, not only did she help to ease my anxiety and uncertainty about coming into a completely new field of study, she stood beside me in ways of one-on-one workshops to understanding aspects of UX Design, teaching staple programs in the field such as Sketch, and being the person in my corner that is desperately needed in the scary blank slate of a new career path.


I would highly recommend Tina to anyone looking for a mentor in UX and UXD. She's a joy to work with, a natural motivator, and a great person to know all around.

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