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Yieldmo : YM Platform


An industry-leading AI-based multi-user web platform allowing users to optimize under-performing inventory to gain higher KPIs and revenue.

DURATION:  8 months to Whitelist Beta


Value-add tasks:

  • promote recommended deals

  • deal creation

  • deliver ai-driven insights

  • troubleshooting

  • supports Seller, Buyer, & Agency tasks

  • real-time performance results

  • state-tracking

My role


Director of Product Design:  8 months to Whitelist Beta


  • UX

  • UI

  • Research

  • Content (co-owner with Sales and VP of Product)

  • Strategy (co-owner with VP)


  • Internal user groups / SMEs

  • Engineering (FE / BE / Architect) / QA / Test, multi-geo)

  • Product Owners

  • Data Sciences

  • Managers

  • Directors & VP / EVP

Problem Statement


Users need a way to easily optimize their inventory and create deals and campaigns that will meet their specific goals and objectives.

UX Strategy


Create a unified platform suite approach for home-grown tooling serving both internal and external users, addressing the foundational user pain points identified.

  • Industry-leading functionality

  • Ease of use

  • Conforming UI and behaviors

  • Leverage assets

  • Efficiency in maintenance



Human resources were tight so we had to make sure we  took a thoughtful phased-in approach that weighed prioritized user tasks, shared components, and common task flows.

Release schedules
We had 6 months to create a working Alpha.

Quickly evaluate products, users, tasks, structure, strategy.


Ensure all Stakeholder Teams are in the loop.

UX Methodologies

1. Text


  • Text


2. Test explorations in each tool for viability



3. Define users & tasks for MVP

Of the 7 identified users, we chose

the 4 main user roles identified as

'super users'.

4. Create Critical user journeys

Based on user interviews, we

identified a number of journeys.

We prioritized the phased-in

approach that made sense from 

a usability and flow standpoint.


  • Text




The platform solution was functionality that was desperately needed in the industry to immediately inform all types of users about engagement metrics in order to be able to adjust ad-serving on the fly based on actual multi-dimensional engagement data.

Publisher/Advertiser gains

  • The ability to see, in near-real-time, their actual performance metrics.

  • The ability to create and send multiple deals to a DSP.

  • The ability to easily create a deal.

  • The ability to see AI/ML-driven custom-curated deals based on existing inventory and current user engagement data.

Sales Ops gains

  • The ability to see all/their Pub groups and assess performance immediately, in order to help make key performance decisions.

  • The ability to create custom deals based on performance dashboards and current inventory.

Marketing Ops gains

  • The ability to show prospective Publishers/Advertisers a running system and dashboards to demonstrate the immediate value of the platforms. 

"This is going to make selling to new Pubs so much easier."

- Sales Ops

"I like where this is going, I think it's what we have really been needing."

- Pub Council Member

"This is great, we have been needing this functionality."

- Marketing Ops

"This will make doing my job so much

easier and faster!"

- Publisher

Style guide snippets

The style guide showed and explained why the enterprise UI needed to be a modification from the PayPal UI consumer spec.


What an amazing experience!!

  • It amazes me how neglected internal users frequently are, but they still seem to find ways to get their job done with sub-optimal tooling.

  • Even addressing low-hanging fruit can make a huge improvement in operations and perception.

  • Understanding the Engineering limitations/dependencies can lead to creative ways to solve user pain points.

It is always challenging to make something seem simple. The nuances of creation, experimentation, and performance analysis, of cross-channel messaging, was a fantastic challenge for everyone involved. The intricacies of experimentation alone were quite an eye-opener and extremely satisfying to tackle.

The implementation of a suite integration evolution is no small feat, and I am so proud of our Stakeholder Teams and the insights and hard work to make this an amazing success for both internal users and PayPal Customers!

(WIPs used to generate Stakeholder discussions)

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