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700% reduction up and running

Ease of Use

  • Created a calculating device that was later patented as an industry tool that aggregated a series of test data into easily understandable risk categories using visual
    queues. (Genzyme Diagnostics)

Complexity reduction 

  • Created technical diagrams and illustrations that allowed the reader to ingest complex concepts at a glance.

Arno Huang.jpg

time saving

2 weeks --> 2 seconds reduction time-to-task  

  • Lead UX Designer for Google (and the 'Bets) finance/budgeting and operating expense new tool allowing users to immediately see all dimensions of their budget without additional human intervention. (Google Superhero award 2018)

90-100% savings 

  • Reduced turnaround time (by 90%), courier costs (by 100%), and physical supplies (by 90%) by training clients to use online editing and delivery methods.

95% down-time reduction

  • By standardizing procedures, documenting data, and re-imaging the production machines, reduced the down-time by 95% (Wearguard)

50% savings

  • Created and distributed a notebook of optimal pre-press procedures and checklists, reducing troubleshooting time by 50%. (Wearguard)

cost savings

$5+ million savings 

  • Co-led the initial push to standardize and redesign the software packaging deliverables across all IBM products resulting in a 5+ million dollar savings over the next 3 years while satisfying user requirements and delivery & fulfillment requirements. (IBM Awards: General Manager's Award for Simplicity, Bravo Award)

  • Arno Huang, Co-Lead

50% savings 

  • Saved a client 50% in vendor costs by creatively adapting their marketing info into an equally aggressive visual identity using 2 PMS colors instead of 4+ color printing.

$90,000 savings 

  • Saved $90,000 (300 illustrations, avg of $300 ea market price) by proposing, organizing, and managing in-house talent for illustration creation. (Houghton-Mifflin Publishing)

Arno Huang.jpg

accomplishments  quant/qual

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