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PayPal : cxpSTUDIO suite


A new web internal Product & Marketing message and campaign creation platform.

DURATION: 12 months to MVP


This platform creates:

  • Notifications

  • SMS

  • Push

  • Alerts

  • Emails

  • placements

My role


Sr UX / UI Designer, Strategist,  Lead

Duration: 18 months MVP


  • UX

  • UI

  • Research

  • Content

  • Strategy



  • UX / UI Designers: 1

  • Internal user groups

  • Engineering (FE / BE / Architect) / QA / Test, multi-geo)

  • Content Writers (not dedicated)

  • Product Owners

  • Project Managers

  • Managers

  • Directors & VP / EVP

Problem Statement


Omni-channel Product and Marketing users need a way to easily; create, monitor, and manage, messages and campaigns, in multiple touchpoints and regions, in order to ensure accurate, timely, and effective communication, driving user-specific actions, engagement, and conversions, globally, increasing PayPal trust, brand, reputation (and revenue).

multichannel diagram

UX Strategy


Create a platform suite approach for home-grown tooling, addressing the foundational user pain points identified.

  • Discoverability

  • Conforming UI and behaviors

  • Leverage assets

  • Efficiency in maintenance

Migrating from multiple products to one
Key capabilities thimbnail link



Engineering teams were limited and frequently under-staffed.

Release schedules

Each product had different release schedules.


Evaluate each products, users, tasks, structure, strategy.


Ensure all Stakeholder Teams are in the loop.

UX Methodologies

1. Evaluate 3 main products for MVP suite inclusion


  • Personalization Studio

  • Segmentation Portal

  • SPF

The focus for MVP was on the heavy-lifter tools, for

the key users defined. The remaining home-grown 

tooling and other users are slated post-MVP.

end to end ecosystem thumbnail

2. Test explorations in each tool for viability


Personalization tool:

Main improvements

  1. Efficient use of the screen real estate (width)

  2. More usable & robust data structure

Sample deck: PS Phased-in Suite

Sample deck: CaaP Phased-in Suite

Sample deck: SPF Phased-in Suite


"After" rough exploration for POC

3. Define users & tasks for MVP

Of the 7 identified users, we chose

the 4 main user roles identified as

'super users'.

Role definition thumbnail

4. Create Critical user journeys

Based on user interviews, we

identified a number of journeys.

We prioritized the phased-in

approach that made sense from 

a usability and flow standpoint.


Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 12.21.58
Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 12.25.56
Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 12.29.11



The solution really resonated with users, and addressed 85% of the user and Engineering pain points that will be phased in over 24 months.


The remaining 15% was tabled for future discussion on back-end heavy lifting modifications.

User gains

  • 12 weeks > <5 days

    • ​Self-service message creation and delivery.

  • Addressed 85% of User and Eng major pain points in MVP

    • Significant user experience improvement




Engineering gains

  • Significant reduction in Eng engagement

  • Significant reduction in FE/BE development time

"I really like what I am seeing and think 

 this is definitely on the right track."

- Product Ops

"I have to have this right now! When can I get this?!"

- Product Ops

"This is exactly what we have been  needing!"

- Marketing Ops

"This will make doing my job so much

easier and faster!"

- Message creator

Style guide snippets

The style guide showed and explained why the enterprise UI needed to be a modification from the PayPal UI consumer spec.


What an amazing experience!!

  • It amazes me how neglected internal users frequently are, but they still seem to find ways to get their job done with sub-optimal tooling.

  • Even addressing low-hanging fruit can make a huge improvement in operations and perception.

  • Understanding the Engineering limitations/dependencies can lead to creative ways to solve user pain points.

It is always challenging to make something seem simple. The nuances of creation, experimentation, and performance analysis, of cross-channel messaging, was a fantastic challenge for everyone involved. The intricacies of experimentation alone were quite an eye-opener and extremely satisfying to tackle.

The implementation of a suite integration evolution is no small feat, and I am so proud of our Stakeholder Teams and the insights and hard work to make this an amazing success for both internal users and PayPal Customers!

Item is mocked

(WIPs used to generate Stakeholder discussions)

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